Bài IELTS Writing Task 2 – Chủ đề: Quảng cáo là để bán những sản phẩm mà mọi người không cần


Cùng nhau tìm hiểu một đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 khá “khoai” với chủ đề: Mục đích của quảng cáo là để bán những sản phẩm mà mọi người không cần đến.

Nội dung câu hỏi:

Some people say that the main aim of advertising is to improve the sales of products that people do not really need.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Bài viết mẫu

In recent years, the advertising industry has been booming and flourishing, with a huge amount of advertising flooding in every corner of our daily life, be it in newspapers or on running subways. While some people claim that the major goal of advertisements is to boost the sales of unnecessary commodities for the public, I suppose the view is too short-sighted.

Admittedly, there are good grounds to argue that advertising, functioning as an irreplaceable marketing tool, can provide attractive and even exaggerated information of products to hook targeted audience and achieve the aim of making higher profits. Since most of manufacturers consider commercials as an effective means to ignite the purchase desire among consumers, they take advantage of this persuasive form of propaganda to awaken awareness of potential customers, to create plausible demands and finally to boost sales of unnecessary products.

However, the idea oversimplifies the situation and in fact the core nature of advertisements is to provide information, from products or services to social phenomena. For one thing, the commercial, regarded as a novel platform to disseminate information, is merely a channel for the public to obtain an understanding of products from multifaceted aspects. Especially in the modern world, rational consumers no longer rely on profit-oriented advertisements to discover their requirements, and instead, they make use of the comprehensive introduction from advertisements to do critical evaluation and make sensible decisions. For another, public service advertising, which is easily neglected, also plays a pivotal role in spreading information to arouse social concern. Without the purpose of economic interests, it is not rare to see such kind of public service announcements which aim to keep the public informed and generate the morally sound values among residents.

In conclusion, although the issue of deliberately misleading consumers to purchase unnecessary products does exist, I believe that the main aim, to offer information, of advertising should not be misjudged.

Từ vựng

Vocabulary Definition Example
flourish (v.) Phát triển mạnh The economy of the region began to flourish after the investment.
commodity (n.) Hàng hoá The market is flooded with various commodities from different manufacturers.
short-sighted (adj.) Thiển cận A short-sighted approach to business can hinder long-term growth.
irreplaceable (adj.) Không thể thay thế The historical artifacts in the museum are irreplaceable treasures.
exaggerated (adj.) Cường điệu The media often presents exaggerated stories to attract attention.
hook (v.) Lôi cuốn The movie’s thrilling opening scene hooked the audience from the start.
manufacturer (n.) Nhà sản xuất The manufacturer is known for producing high-quality electronics.
commercial (n.) Quảng cáo thương mại The commercial showcased the new product’s features and benefits.
ignite (v.) Kích thích, làm nảy mầm The workshop’s ideas helped ignite his creativity.
persuasive (adj.) Thuyết phục Her persuasive argument convinced the audience to support the proposal.