Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 dạng Opinion Essay (Phần 33)


Trong phần thi IELTS Writing Task 2, thí sinh sẽ thường xuyên bắt gặp dạng đề Opinion Essay (Agree or Disagree). Nhằm giúp các bạn học viên tham khảo và ôn tập tốt cho bài thi IELTS Writing sắp tới, TutorIn Education đã sưu tầm series Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 dạng Opinion Essay. Cùng đến với Phần 33 của loạt bài này nhé!

Đề bài IELTS Writing Task 2 dạng Opinion Essay

Some people think that schools are merely turning children into good citizens and workers, rather than benefiting them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Bài viết mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 dạng Opinion Essay


There is no doubt that schools are the main venue for preparing students for their future role of capable contributors to society. However, it is not at all certain that the emphasis on the collective good is justified, since individual differences should be respected and celebrated in formal education, too.

Body Paragraph 1

The primary contribution of formal education is to produce qualified workers and citizens. Discipline, among other core values taught at school, is the single most often cited attribute that companies and factories look for. Given their complex, streamlined production workflows, following instructions and prioritizing stability are useful on the frontline and therefore trained at school. Similarly, social values instilled in the curricula. The rich exposure to and guided analysis of canonical materials in the classroom are often cited by teachers as a systematic and efficient way to pass on traditional values of a culture.

Body Paragraph 2

On the other hand, personal growth should not be neglected in school-based learning. Instead of setting the same expectation on all students, the authorities have not adopted policies catering to individual differences, which can motivate students to fulfil their otherwise untapped potential. In fact, such a learner-centred approach is not incompatible with the interest of society at large, as students allowed to explore what they are curious about and develop at their own pace can produce better learning results and ultimately contribute more to their organization and community.


In summary, despite the essential role of schools to ensure graduates’ job readiness and social responsibility, flexibility should be exercised to allow for personalized growth paths along which each learner explores their unique strengths and interests.

Các từ vựng và cụm từ hữu ích trong bài viết IELTS Writing mẫu

Từ/Cụm từ vựngNghĩa Tiếng ViệtVí dụ rút gọn trong bài
venueđịa điểmSchools are the main venue.
capable contributorsnhững người đóng góp có năng lựcPreparing students as capable contributors.
collective goodlợi ích tập thểEmphasis on the collective good.
formal educationgiáo dục chính quyRespected in formal education.
disciplinekỷ luậtDiscipline is a valued attribute.
streamlined production workflowsquy trình sản xuất được tối ưu hóaUseful in streamlined workflows.
canonical materialstài liệu kinh điểnExposure to canonical materials.
personal growthsự phát triển cá nhânPersonal growth should not be neglected.
learner-centred approachphương pháp tập trung vào người họcAdopting a learner-centred approach.
untapped potentialtiềm năng chưa được khai thácMotivate students to fulfil untapped potential.
job readinesssẵn sàng cho công việcEnsure graduates’ job readiness.
social responsibilitytrách nhiệm xã hộiFostering social responsibility.

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