Các từ vựng cần nắm trong IELTS Writing – chủ đề: Văn hóa

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Cùng nhau khám phá các từ vựng thiết yếu cho chủ Văn hóa trong IELTS Writing.

cultural diversityĐa dạng văn hóaThe city’s cultural diversity is a source of its strength.
cultural treasuresBáu vật văn hóaThe museum houses a collection of ancient cultural treasures.
cross-cultural communicationGiao tiếp đa văn hóaEffective cross-cultural communication is essential in a globalized world.
cultural reconstructionTái cấu trúc văn hóaAfter the war, the country focused on cultural reconstruction.
spiritual civilizationVăn hóa tinh thầnThe teachings of mindfulness contribute to spiritual civilization.
heritageDi sảnThe ancient temple is an important heritage of the region.
achievements of artThành tựu nghệ thuậtThe museum showcases the achievements of art throughout history.
tear downPhá hủyThe old building was torn down to make way for a new one.
humane historical sitesNhững di tích lịch sử nhân vănThe town takes pride in preserving its humane historical sites.
preserve the cultural relicsBảo tồn di sản văn hóaEfforts are being made to preserve the cultural relics of the ancient civilization.
blueprintBản đồ thiết kếThe architect presented a blueprint for the new city plaza.
skyscraperTòa nhà chọc trờiThe city’s skyline is dominated by modern skyscrapers.
high-rise office buildingsCác tòa nhà văn phòng cao tầngThe business district is filled with high-rise office buildings.
city constructionXây dựng thành phốThe rapid city construction has led to increased infrastructure.
well-structuredCấu trúc tốtThe essay is well-structured and easy to follow.
crystallizationKết tinhThe novel is a beautiful crystallization of the author’s thoughts.
visual enjoymentSự hưởng thụ thị giácThe artwork provides a sense of visual enjoyment.
driving forceLực đẩyInnovation has been a driving force behind the company’s success.
reconstructTái xây dựngThe team aims to reconstruct the historical building to its former glory.
destructPhá hủyNatural disasters can destruct entire communities.
architectural industryNgành công nghiệp kiến trúcThe architectural industry plays a crucial role in urban development.
map outĐề ra kế hoạchThe urban planner will map out the new city layout.
city designingThiết kế thành phốThe seminar focuses on sustainable city designing.
beautify our lifeLàm đẹp cuộc sống của chúng taArt and nature can greatly beautify our life experience.
human civilizationNền văn minh nhân loạiTechnological advancements have transformed human civilization.
cradle of cultureLá chắn văn hóaThe ancient city is often referred to as the cradle of culture.
mainstream cultureVăn hóa chủ đạoTraditional customs are deeply embedded in the mainstream culture.
cultural traditionsTruyền thống văn hóaThe festival celebrates the region’s cultural traditions.
national prideTự hào dân tộcThe victory brought a sense of national pride to the citizens.
local customs and practicesPhong tục và tập quán địa phươngTravelers were fascinated by the local customs and practices.
attract people’s eyesGây sự chú ý của mọi ngườiThe colorful artwork at the gallery can attract people’s eyes.
artistic tasteKhả năng đánh giá nghệ thuậtHer artistic taste is reflected in her choice of interior decor.
cornerstoneNền tảngEducation is often considered the cornerstone of a prosperous society.
be closely interrelated with…Liên quan mật thiết đến…Economic growth is closely interrelated with technological advancement.
adhere to the traditionTuân thủ truyền thốngMany communities still adhere to the tradition of celebrating harvest festivals.
architectural vandalismHành vi phá hủy kiến trúcActs of architectural vandalism have led to the loss of historical landmarks.
carry forwardHội nhậpThe school aims to carry forward the values of environmental conservation.
cultural needsNhu cầu văn hóaThe community center caters to the cultural needs of diverse groups.
reputationDanh tiếngThe restaurant’s excellent food has earned it a reputation as a top dining spot.
maintain world peaceBảo vệ hòa bình thế giớiInternational cooperation is essential to maintain world peace.
artistic reflectionPhản ánh nghệ thuậtThe painting serves as an artistic reflection of the changing times.
give publicity to…Tiếp thị cho…The event aims to give publicity to local artists and their work.
burdenGánh nặngThe responsibility can sometimes feel like a heavy burden to bear.
cause irreversible damageGây ra thiệt hại không thể hoàn lạiNeglecting environmental conservation can cause irreversible damage.
national identity and valueBản sắc dân tộc và giá trịLanguage is intertwined with national identity and value.
remove prejudice and misunderstandingLoại bỏ định kiến và hiểu lầmEducation is key to remove prejudice and misunderstanding.
symbolBiểu tượngThe dove is often seen as a symbol of peace.
artistic standardsTiêu chuẩn nghệ thuậtThe gallery promotes high artistic standards among its featured artists.
enjoy great popularityĐược sự ưa chuộng rộng rãiThe singer’s latest album has enjoyed great popularity among fans.
cultural devolutionSự thoái trào văn hóaThe decline of traditional practices signals a cultural devolution.

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