Các từ vựng cần thiết cho IELTS Writing – Chủ đề Truyền thông


Hôm nay, hãy cùng TutorIn khám phá các từ vựng cần thiết cho các bài viết IELTS Writing về chủ đề Truyền thông.

paparazziĐội ngũ paparazziThe paparazzi are always chasing after celebrities for photos.
mass mediaTruyền thông đại chúngThe mass media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion.
entertainmentGiải tríThe television network offers a variety of entertainment programs.
journalismNgành báo chíShe studied journalism to become a news reporter.
journalTạp chíThe research findings were published in a scientific journal.
the latest newsTin tức mới nhấtLet’s check the latest news to stay informed.
exclusive newsTin tức độc quyềnThe newspaper published an exclusive news story about the celebrity’s wedding.
news agencyCơ quan thông tấnThe news agency provides news updates to various media outlets.
news blackoutSự cấm thông tinDuring the crisis, there was a news blackout imposed by the government.
news censorshipKiểm duyệt tin tứcThe regime practiced strict news censorship to control information flow.
freedom of the pressTự do báo chíProtecting the freedom of the press is crucial for a democratic society.
coverageBản tinThe news coverage of the event was extensive.
do reportage on…Tiến hành bản tin về…The journalist was sent to do reportage on the environmental protests.
hit the headlinesLên trang đầu của tin tứcThe scandalous revelation hit the headlines across the country.
issueXuất bảnThe magazine will issue its next edition next week.
newsstandQuầy bán báoYou can find the latest newspapers at the newsstand.
free-lancer writerNhà văn tự doShe works as a free-lancer writer, contributing articles to various magazines.
chief editorTổng biên tậpThe chief editor oversees the content of the newspaper.
editorialBài viết phân tíchThe editorial section of the magazine discusses current events.
newsworthyĐáng để đưa tinThe discovery of the rare species was considered newsworthy.
barometerDụng cụ đo áp suấtThe barometer measures changes in atmospheric pressure.
the barometer of public opinionDụng cụ đo sự biến đổi của ý kiến cộng đồngSocial media has become the barometer of public opinion.
live broadcastTruyền hình trực tiếpThe event will be available for live broadcast on the official website.
quiz showChương trình thi đấu kiến thứcThe quiz show tests contestants’ general knowledge.
game showChương trình trò chơiThe popular game show features exciting challenges for participants.
variety showChương trình hài kịch đa dạngThe variety show includes comedy skits, music performances, and interviews.
talk showChương trình nói chuyệnThe talk show invited experts to discuss the latest trends in technology.
sitcomPhim hài kịch tình huốngThe sitcom portrays the humorous everyday lives of its characters.
soap operaPhim tình cảm dài tậpMany people enjoy watching soap operas for their dramatic storylines.
movie starNgôi sao điện ảnhThe red carpet was filled with movie stars at the premiere.
movie kingNam hoàng cung điện ảnhThe actor received the award for Best Movie King.
movie queenNữ hoàng cung điện ảnhShe is often referred to as the movie queen for her outstanding performances.
affairSự kiện nổi bậtThe political affair dominated the news cycle for weeks.
celebrityNgười nổi tiếngThe event attracted various celebrities from the entertainment industry.
fameDanh tiếngHer talent and hard work earned her fame in the music industry.
rise to fameNổi tiếngThe young artist rose to fame after her viral video went viral.
fanNgười hâm mộThe singer has a loyal fan base that supports her at every concert.
invade one’s privacyXâm phạm quyền riêng tưPaparazzi often invade celebrities’ privacy to capture candid photos.
misleadingSai lệch, dẫn dụThe article contained misleading information that confused readers.
cheatingLừa dốiThe tabloid published a cheating scandal involving a famous actor.
popularitySự phổ biếnThe TV show gained popularity due to its engaging storyline.
scandalVụ bê bốiThe politician was embroiled in a financial scandal that shocked the nation.
sensationalGây chấn động, độc đáoThe sensational headlines drew readers’ attention to the shocking story.
prevalentPhổ biến, thịnh hànhFake news has become prevalent on social media platforms.
imperativeQuan trọng, cấp báchIt’s imperative for journalists to verify their sources before publishing news.
audience ratingsĐánh giá của khán giảThe show’s audience ratings determine its success and continuation.
propagandaSự tuyên truyềnThe government used propaganda to shape public opinion during wartime.
be abducted byBị mê hoặc bởiMany people are abducted by sensational headlines without verifying the facts.
purify one’s soulLàm trong sạch tâm hồnNature retreats help people purify their souls and find inner peace.
live in a virtual worldSống trong thế giới ảoSome people prefer to live in a virtual world through online games.
be a great comfort to somebodyLàm ai đó cảm thấy an ủiKnowing that friends are supportive can be a great comfort during difficult times.
meet different tastesĐáp ứng nhiều sở thích khác nhauThe variety of channels meets different tastes of the viewers.
provide somebody with somethingCung cấp cho ai đó cái gìThe website provides users with up-to-date news articles.
follow the fashion blindlyTheo đuổi thời trang mù quángSome people tend to follow the fashion blindly without considering their own style.
commit crimesPhạm tộiSome news outlets tend to sensationalize when reporting on individuals who commit crimes.
be inconceivable to somebodyKhông thể tưởng tượng với ai đóThe extent of destruction caused by the natural disaster was inconceivable to the residents.
impressiveGây ấn tượng mạnhThe actor’s performance was so impressive that it left the audience in awe.
right to knowQuyền biếtThe public has the right to know about important matters affecting society.
in the disguise ofDưới vẻ bề ngoài củaSome advertisements are disguised as news articles.
endanger social stability and safetyGây nguy hiểm đến sự ổn định và an toàn xã hộiSpreading false information can endanger social stability and safety.

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