Cambridge IELTS 13 Reading test 1 – Từ vựng đồng nghĩa

Cambridge IELTS 13 Reading test 1 - Từ vựng đồng nghĩa

Từ đồng nghĩa trong Cambridge IELTS 13 Reading đã được tổng hợp tại đây. Cùng TutorIn Education tìm hiểu chi tiết nhé.

Cambridge 13 Reading Test 1 – Chuyển đổi từ đồng nghĩa

1. Passage 1

  • be listed=to get on the list
  • by filling in a simple form=easy
  • to update the details=to update information
  • on a regular basis=regularly
  • an independent evaluation against a set of=provided a country-wide evaluation of
  • the effect of each business on the=their impact on the environment
  • journey=tour
  • a number of the locations=various locations
  • chosen for=used in
  • blockbuster=film
  • according to=depending on
  • the chosen locations=selected places
  • accommodation in the area=local accommodation
  • is set up to=aimed to
  • account for=is related to
  • are interactive=to become involved
  • like to=enjoy most
  • what is often seen as a once-in-a-lifetime=it is unlikely that they will return to New

2. Passage 2

  • boredom may protect them=boredom may encourage us
  • front “infectious” social situations=to avoid an unpleasant experience
  • of the five types=one sort of boredom
  • the most damaging=worse than all the others
  • efforts to improve the situation=try to cope with boredom
  • end up making you feel worse=increase its negative effects
  • our over-connected lifestyles=the way we live today
  • even be a new source of boredom=encourage boredom
  • an inability to focus on anything=people cannot focus
  • a failure to put… into gear=due to a failure in what he calls the…
  • frustration and irritability=trustrated and irritable
  • people who are motivated by pleasure=for whom pleasure is an important aim
  • seem to suffer particularly badly=may have problems in
  • other personality traits, such as curiosity=the characteristic of curiosity
  • are associated with a high boredom=can generally cope with it
  • but defining boredom so that it can be studied in the lab has proved difficult=problems with a scientific approach to boredom
  • identify=create
  • five distinct types=a system of classification for
  • being bored makes us more creative=the productive outcomes that may result
  • it can still be toxic if allowed to fester=a potential danger arising from boredom
  • boredom proneness has been linked with a=identify those most affected by boredom

3. Passage 3

  • is one of a growing number of computer=A great deal of progress has already been
  • is taking something special away=undermines
  • from what it means to be human=a fundamental human quality
  • Where does the work of the artist stop=the source of its subject matter
  • double standards=according to different criteria
  • software-produced and human-produced art=computer art and human art
  • lead to unexpected results=achieve a particularly striking effect
  • to measure machine creativity directly to that of humans=compare the artistic achievements of humans and computers
  • create compositions=generate work
  • audiences were moved to tears=EMI software surprised people
  • even fooled into thinking they were hearing=virtually indistinguishable from that of
  • Wiggins condemned him=Geraint Wiggins criticized Cope
  • for his deliberately vague explanation of=for not revealing the technical details of
  • said=claimed
  • EMI created replicas=EMI was producing work
  • rely completely on=entirely dependent on
  • the original artist’s creative impulses=the imagination of its creator
  • were often outraged=became angry
  • rate how much they liked each one=to assess music
  • weren’t told beforehand whether the tunes=without knowing whether it was the work
  • a study by computer scientist David=Moffat’s research
  • provides a clue=may help explain people’s reactions to EMI

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