Cambridge IELTS 14 – Reading Test 3: Những cặp từ đồng nghĩa có thể thay thế lẫn nhau


Từ đồng nghĩa thường xuyên được sử dụng luân phiên ở bài đọc và phần câu hỏi trong phần thi IELTS Reading để kiểm tra vốn từ vựng của thí sinh. Hôm nay, TutorIn sẽ giới thiệu đến mọi người những cặp từ đồng nghĩa được xuất hiện trong đề bài Reading số 3 của cuốn Cambridge IELTS 14. Hãy cùng xem chi tiết trong bài viết này nhé!

  1. assumption about intelligence=implicit theories of their children’s language development
  2. behavior towards others=at what ages they will be willing to make various corrections in their children’s speech
  3. lack of clarity=no one knows for certain what it actually is
  4. different=little correspondence
  5. universal<->different
  6. without fully understanding=not-well-understood
  7. same possibilities=equal opportunities
  8. preferential treatment=favoring one group over another
  9. gain benefits on the basis of what they actually achieve=people are rewarded for what they accomplish
  10. begins at birth=are born with
  11. in positions of power=elite
  12. same=equal
  13. abilities=competencies
  14. uncontrolled lives=chaos
  15. renewed=once again
  16. recent technological advances=snip out the stretches of the insect’s DNA…
  17. examples of animals=primates/chimpanzee
  18. challenging=daunting
  19. benefit wildlife=conservation
  20. fell out of favour=moves its focus away
  21. examples of an insect-derived medicine=
  22. huge number=many
  23. variety of substances=poison/antimicrobial compounds
  24. expertise=knowledge
  25. subdue=overpower
  26. keep it fresh=preserve
  27. protect…from=deal with
  28. development=serve as or inspire29. categories=types
  29. affect=vary
  30. best=optimal
  31. more significant than=the most important
  32. scale=continuum
  33. need toys<->no real toys
  34. mistake=false
  35. dichotomy=separate
  36. agree on<->full consensus…
  37. differ=unlike
  38. target=motivated/oriented
  39. investigate=exploration
  40. be based on=stem from
  41. real=true
  42. with adults=guided
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