Mẫu bài luận luyện thi IELTS Writing: Are college tuition fees paid by individuals?

Mẫu bài luận IELTS Writing: Are college tuition fees paid by individuals?

Bài mẫu tham khảo IELTS Writing


The proportion of university students has been rising in almost every country. Many people insist that the educational expense should be borne by students themselves, since they are studying for their own sake not for the community. However, I firmly believe that tertiary education benefits individuals as well as the society as a whole, and a certain proportion of state-sponsored fees should be offered to students.


Evidently, the society reaps benefits from higher education, although the students seem to be the direct beneficiary. University study nurtures the skills of students who would eventually enter the job market, trying to make personal achievement and serving the community at the same time. For example, a medical student would work in health sector, saving thousands of people’s lives; a normal university student would possibly become a teacher, cultivating future generations. In short, higher education fosters talented professionals who can bring prosperity to the nation.

If the cost of higher education is to be paid solely by the students, then there would be many young adults losing out on essential education. Students from financially disadvantaged families would be unable to pay full tuition fees as it is usually expensive, which means they are deprived of the opportunities to go to a university. In the long run, the disparities in the society would become widened, meaning that social stability would suffer from this.

It is also evident that societies that have state sponsored education are more successful than those that do not. Countries that have government allowance or free education for their students have outperformed those that compel students to pay exorbitant fees. Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are a few examples of successful and happy societies where students get state sponsored education.


To conclude, the benefits of higher education are enjoyed by the society as well as individuals as all students ultimately contribute to the society. Therefore the costs of their education should not be borne by themselves only, and government subsidies would be necessary in this respect.

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