Khi viết bài luận cho phần thi IELTS Writing, việc thí sinh có thể sử dụng từ nối (linking words) một cách hợp lý là một tiêu chí ngữ pháp rất quan trọng. Hiểu được điều này, TutorIn đã tổng hợp 20 từ nối thông dụng và cốt lõi để các bạn chuẩn bị tốt nhất cho phần thi IELTS Writing.

 1. Accordingly: Do đó, Theo đó

Children take example from their parents. Accordingly, in order to change the behaviour of their offspring (con cháu), parents should start with themselves.

2. Additionally: Ngoài ra

One in four adults in the UK is obese. Additionally, every third can be categorized as overweight. lt means that the majority of adults in Britain are overweight or obese.

3. Admittedly: Phải công nhận rằng

Admittedly, any vaccine can cause side effects, but most of these are minor and go away within a few days.

4. Conversely: Ngược lại

Some people think that everyone should study maths and science in secondary school. Conversely, others believe it is better to allow children to select subjects they like.

5. hence: vì thế, vì vậy

A better environment improves performance of stuff, and hence productivity.

6. inasmuch as: vì, bởi vì

Inasmuch as funding is not available, the government should postpone the building plans.

7. notwithstanding: dù vậy, mặc dù

High costs notwithstanding, many young people aspire to receive an education abroad.

8. provided that: với điều kiện, nếu như

Schoolchildren should be allowed to work during their holidays and free time provided that strict safety measures are taken.

9. likewise: tương tự

The number of people visiting the USA is growing; likewise, more and more Americans travel abroad.

10. nevertheless: tuy nhiên

There is little chance that we will succeed in changing the law. Nevertheless, it is important that we try.

11. alternatively: hoặc, ngoài ra

Alternatively, the interaction styles of parents may have differed.

12.correspondingly: tương ứng

Life in the city is more expensive, but salaries are correspondingly higher.

13. whereas: ngược lại, trong khi

The boys prefer competitive sports, whereas the girls seem to enjoy more cooperative activities.

14. along with/together with: cùng với

A balanced diet, along with/together with a weekly exercise regime, can significantly improve one’s health and fitness.

15. similarly: tương tự

More adults exercise regularly today than ten years ago. Similarly, young people have become more physically active.

16. at present: hiện tại, ngay lúc này

Petrol prices are so high at present that there have been calls for the government to act to reduce them.

17. subsequently: rồi thì, rồi sau đó

Once delivered to the recycling facility, old furniture is repaired and subsequently sold.

18. however much: dù bao nhiêu, bất kể bao nhiêu

However much they tried, the government failed to deal with the pollution problem.

19. at the same time: cùng lúc đó

Killing endangered species is illegal; at the same time, people will not stop hunting them.

20. lt is often alleged that: Người ta thường cho rằng …

lt is often alleged that the teaching profession needs more qualified educators.

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