Tổng hợp từ vựng dễ mắc lỗi trong bài thi IELTS Listening (Phần 1)

từ vựng dễ mắc lỗi trong bài thi IELTS Listening (Phần 1)

TutorIn Education đã tổng hợp 112 từ vựng trong khi luyện thi IELTS Listening mà thường gây nhầm lẫn do cách phát âm. Các bạn hãy kết hợp với cách phát âm trong từ điển, đọc và thuộc các từ này nhiều lần để nâng cao độ chính xác khi làm bài nghe. Hãy lưu lại để tham khảo nhé.

112 từ vựng thường gặp trong khi luyện thi IELTS Listening

  • stationery – văn phòng phẩm

The envelopes and other office stationery are at the top of the bookshelf.

  • steer – lái, điều khiển

When I was a kid, about six or seven, she would often let me steer the car along our driveway.

  • stern – nghiêm khắc, khắt khe

George Washington was a stern administrator, deeply religious, a stickler for rules, and a strict military disciplinarian.

  • stuffy nose – nghẹt mũi

A stuffy nose is one of the most commonly experienced symptoms and is more likely to be annoying than other symptoms.

  • terminal – nhà ga, ga cuối (sân bay)

Airport Authority officials carried out a thorough inspection of the terminal.

  • timber – gỗ xây dựng

All this timber was piled up under a large shed, built near the chimneys, and there awaited the time for use.

  • trolley – xe đẩy

When you go into a supermarket, first of all you must pick out a trolley, roll it around from aisle to aisle.

  • uncooperative – không hợp tác, không chịu cộng tác

They were uncooperative, disorganized, and argued and played very loudly to the extent that they were disruptive.

  • underage – chưa đủ tuổi, chưa thành niên

Just last week, Cambodian police raided a recruitment firm and freed 35 underage recruits.

  • vaccine – vắc-xin

Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture announced that it had approved the first vaccine for it.

  • vacuum – máy hút bụi

A good stable vacuum must be safe and powerful and easy to maneuver.

  • vegetation – thảm thực vật, cây cỏ

Looking out of the train window, I spotted a pair of camels feeding on the sparse vegetation.

  • venue – địa điểm tổ chức, hội trường

The venue is usually the biggest expense of any wedding.

  • videotape – băng ghi hình

After the videotape presentation, about one third of the audience stayed on to learn the Convenient Method.

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