Tổng hợp từ vựng dễ mắc lỗi trong bài thi IELTS Listening (Phần 3)

từ vựng dễ mắc lỗi trong bài thi IELTS Listening (Phần 3)

TutorIn Education đã tổng hợp 112 từ vựng trong khi luyện thi IELTS Listening mà thường gây nhầm lẫn do cách phát âm. Các bạn hãy kết hợp với cách phát âm trong từ điển, đọc và thuộc các từ này nhiều lần để nâng cao độ chính xác khi làm bài nghe. Hãy lưu lại để tham khảo nhé.

112 từ vựng thường gặp trong khi luyện thi IELTS Listening

  • catalogue – danh mục

I grabbed the catalogue and found out what the makers of the doll were up to.

  • cathedral – nhà thờ lớn

On Sunday morning, I’d be back in London, heading off to hear the choir in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

  • cement – xi măng

The carbon cost of making steel, cement, and construction materials is huge.

  • chameleon – con tắc kè

The chameleon is a very popular type of lizard due to the fact that it has the ability to change colors based on their mood

  • charcoal – than củi

Cooking outdoors on a charcoal grill is a favorite tradition all over the United States.

  • choppy – sóng động

Some walked down to the edge of the waves, trying to skip rocks across the choppy surface.

  • chronic – mạn tính

Tobacco use is one of the main risk factors for a number of chronic diseases.

  • cleansing product – sản phẩm làm sạch

This is a cleansing product recommended for all skin types.

  • close-up – gần cận

The 45-year-old actress waits for her close-up in New York on the set of Ugly Betty.

  • commencement – khởi đầu

The date on which the project is first published will be regarded as the commencement date of the project.

  • compensation – bồi thường

This was something of a breakthrough, even if he did not offer compensation to fishermen.

  • conservation – bảo tồn

A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation

  • cramming – học nhồi nhét

Leaving aside special circumstances like cramming for a test, we don’t learn well under stress.

  • crocodile – cá sấu

A crocodile was swimming slowly near the bank with her baby.

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