Tổng hợp từ vựng dễ mắc lỗi trong bài thi IELTS Listening (Phần 5)

từ vựng dễ mắc lỗi trong bài thi IELTS Listening (Phần 5)

TutorIn Education đã tổng hợp 112 từ vựng trong khi luyện thi IELTS Listening mà thường gây nhầm lẫn do cách phát âm. Các bạn hãy kết hợp với cách phát âm trong từ điển, đọc và thuộc các từ này nhiều lần để nâng cao độ chính xác khi làm bài nghe. Hãy lưu lại để tham khảo nhé.

112 từ vựng thường gặp trong khi luyện thi IELTS Listening

  • Mime – Kịch câm

He became famous for using a particular form of acting, including mime and farce.

  • Moisture – Độ ẩm

When the soil is dry, more moisture is lost from the plant.

  • Mosquito net – Màn chống muỗi

I tried to open my eyes wider, withdrawing the mosquito net; I began to search for the mosquito.

  • Mulberry – Cây dâu tằm

Among the dowry items, besides silk stuff, there must be a pair of young mulberry trees, silkworm, and egg sheets.

  • Nausea – Buồn nôn

I felt an actual sickness in all of me inside and a sweating and a nausea as though I had swallowed bad seafood.

  • Orchard – Vườn cây ăn trái

Moreover, the orchard adopts a more eco-friendly way of fertilizing.

  • Overdraft – Vượt quá hạn mức tài khoản

A bank has the right to pay itself back out of your next deposit for any fees or overdraft loans that you owe.

  • Packed lunch – Bữa trưa tự mang

In Japan, students usually bring their packed lunch to school.

  • Painkiller – Thuốc giảm đau

That didn’t work, so the next day she saw a doctor, who started her on an antibiotic and a painkiller.

  • Penicillin – Kháng sinh penisilin

Researchers have now found a therapeutic equivalent which could replace penicillin.

  • Pesticide – Thuốc trừ sâu

The pesticide control plan would also be a way to produce better records about who buys how much pesticide and from what source.

  • Pianist – Nghệ sĩ piano

Judging from her autobiography, she always has a mixed feeling for that pianist.

  • Play truant – Trốn học

Our institute is clamping down on those who often play truant.

  • Pollinate – Thụ tinh

The reproductive parts of the wheat plant are close together, so wheat tends to self-pollinate.

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