Cambridge IELTS 14 – Reading Test 4: Những cặp từ đồng nghĩa có thể thay thế lẫn nhau


Từ đồng nghĩa thường xuyên được sử dụng luân phiên ở bài đọc và phần câu hỏi trong phần thi IELTS Reading để kiểm tra vốn từ vựng của thí sinh. Hôm nay, TutorIn sẽ giới thiệu đến mọi người những cặp từ đồng nghĩa được xuất hiện trong đề bài Reading số 4 của cuốn Cambridge IELTS 14. Hãy cùng xem chi tiết trong bài viết này nhé!

  1. age groups=age ranges
  2. a total of = include (number)
  3. looked after=took care of
  4. using scent trail=follow the telltale scent
  5. locate=make a trail to
  6. effect that light had on=all responded to light
  7. areas=region
  8. meet=come together
  9. two chemicals=serotonin or dopamine
  10. associated with=coincide with
  11. remain active for almost their whole lives=stay fit for nearly their entire lives
  12. first person to study<>previous studies
  13. behave as he had predicted<>expected to become……but
  14. tend to live longer lives/in the wild…much harsher than the comforts of the lab
  15. quickly=sudden
  16. die out=become extinct
  17. preferable to study=less risk/fewer variables
  18. two ways of learning about animals=television documentaries/specimens in museums
  19. why …healthier=varied and high quality diet/illnesses be treated
  20. live longer=greater life expectancy
  21. no longer be found in the wild=only exist in captivity
  22. excelled at<>lacking
  23. transmit information=communicate information
  24. release into the wild=been reintroduced from zoos
  25. increase public awareness of environmental issues=more environmentally conscious
  26. oversea=abroad
  27. teach=educate
  28. first people to research<>plenty of studies
  29. different kinds of danger=366 perceived threats
  30. most …badly designed<>83 percent were proven true
  31. have proved=nobody tested
  32. bits of=pieces of
  33. harmful=severely injuring
  34. tiny=micro
  35. focus on=look at
  36. entire=whole
  37. a reduction in numbers=deaths in one species

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